The Covid-19 Stim Pack is a little gift we've cooked up at Smog Moon Recordings to, in some small way, help keep your creativity flowing while we are all in lockdown due to Covid-19. For more info just read beyond the download link! 

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Smog Moon Speaker IR Stimulus

We hope that during these unusual times and circumstances that you are able to stay healthy, safe, and sane. The Covid-19 quarantine and lockdowns have no doubt impacted everyone's lives and routines just as much if not more than ours. In this abundance of isolation and down time with the studio we have been messing around with different ways to occupy our time and resources as well as come up with new ways to provide something of value to the musical creation and production community. Which leads us here. Originally intended for internal use on our own productions we have created some speaker cabinet impulse responses (IR's) based off of some of our own equipment that is used regularly on our audio productions. They turned out a bit better than originally expected so we thought we would share them with all of you. They are free and come with no strings attached. Although we will gladly take any donations through the Paypal link provided. Just load them into you're favorite IR loader. The NADIR from Ignite Amps being an excellent choice if you are new to the world of impulse responses. Two scenarios to get the best use of them is 1) placed after the output of an amplifier that either has silent recording abilities or using a DI box that can be placed between the speaker output and speaker of an amp 2) after your favorite amp sim within your DAW (if using a sim that has a simulated speaker it is advised to disable the speaker simulation).


Here are the boring technical parts, but let's be honest, this is the only part all of us tone seekers care about. The speaker that was captured is a Weber Gray Wolf 12' ceramic 100 watt 8 Ohm speaker. It is mounted in a custom isolation cabinet. All microphone placements were done with the microphones positioned roughly 1.5 inches away from the plane of the baffle board. 4 microphones were used and 2 positions per microphone, 1) aimed directly at the seam of the dust cap and cone for more bite and air and 2) aimed directly at the outer edge of the cone, approximately 3/4" from the suspension for more body and less definition.


The 4 microphones used are the:

-Heil PR30 (dynamic)

-Audix i5 (dynamic)

-Cascade Fat Head (ribbon)

-T-47 from (condenser)"

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